Cheryl Kiefer, EMT
Age 23

Jackson Community Ambulance
A division of Huron Valley Ambulance
Brooklyn, MI


Cheryl was described by her co-workers and family as a young, energetic woman who had found her calling in life in EMS.  She had completed her EMT education and was arranging to attend paramedic school.  Cheryl was always talkative and upbeat.  On her MySpace page, she had posted the following slogan:  "If today is not that good, tomorrow will be better."



Your family and friends miss you dearly. Your smile is contagious and no amount of time will ever replace the void left in their hearts!

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The Cheryl Kiefer Memorial Scholarship Fund was established at the request of Cheryl's parents, Ron and Kathy Kiefer.

Fund Purpose:  The Cheryl Kiefer Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to assist students with tuition while attending Emergency Medical Technician training. The program is funded by memorial contributions and Huron Valley Ambulance.

If you are interested in contributing to this fund to educate EMT students, please contact HVA community relations at 734-477-6218.


January 26th, 2008, Cheryl was killed after observing a vehicle lose control, the crew turned around to assist the patient. While assisting the victim, another car lost control and struck Kiefer who later died at U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Rest in Peace Sister, we have the watch!

Resolution (02-08-09) Honoring Cheryl Kiefer

WHEREAS, Jackson County is served by Jackson Community Ambulance Service and their many dedicated employees; and,

WHEREAS, these dedicated and courageous employees are on the front lines of dangerous and emergency situations on a daily basis; and,

WHEREAS, Cheryl Kiefer was one of those dedicated first responders, who had distinguished herself as a firefighter with Columbia Township, in service to her country in the armed services, and most recently as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for Jackson Community Ambulance Service; and

WHEREAS, Cheryl Kiefer was going above and beyond her call of duty on Saturday, January 26, 2008, when she and her partner stopped to render aid to a motorist on I-94; and

WHEREAS, this act of dedication on Cheryl’s part would exact the ultimate price from Cheryl by taking her life after being struck by another motorist; and

WHEREAS, Cheryl Kiefer leaves behind many family members who will miss her love and companionship, as well as co-workers who will miss her dedication to helping others and her zest for life.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Jackson County Board of Commissioners hereby acknowledges the passing of Cheryl Kiefer and thanks Cheryl’s family for her having been of such honorable service and dedication to the Jackson community.

James E. Shotwell, Jr., Chairman
Jackson County Board of Commissioners
February 19, 2008